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Car Sun Visor




Want to have a “crystal clear”, “amazing”, and a High-Definition vision while driving? Then, you can have that with this Transparent Sun Visor Day and Night Anti-glare.

The transparent lens -gray and orange specialized tinted made in different color with the same purpose. Use the gray color for daylight; the main function is to protect your eyes from intense sunlight UV rays and gives you the clear vision without hurting your eyes while driving. At night, just flip the other side down to use the color orange tinted visor which blocks the car headlights, protect the sights and improve safe driving.

It is very easy to install and uninstall, just attach/remove this item to/from the existing sunshade by a clip. It is universal that perfectly fit and compatible most of cars and vans.

With the Transparent Sun Visor Day and Night Anti-glare, you can drive safely anywhere, anyplace, anytime!